1:1 Twitter Strategy Call

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Growing on Twitter shouldn't feel like a struggle.

You can actually enjoy creating content and connecting with new followers.

The key to this is the right strategy.

Without the proper plan, your content will always get 5 likes πŸ₯²

I know this because I've been there. My first positioning on Twitter sucked and stopped me from growing.

I've pivoted 3 times to find the right one. Now I clearly understand who I am talking to and why they should listen to me 🎯

A 1:1 Twitter strategy call is for you if you want to supercharge your positioning.

A few words about me

Hi, I'm Dan.

I build MakerBox and grow my audience on Twitter.

Also, I went from 0 to 1000 followers in 52 days πŸš€

Here are some of my popular tweets. I love writing incredible threads.

Makers follow me to grow their Indie products with step-by-step guides.

You can learn more here β€” https://twitter.com/DanKulkov

Learn more about how a 1:1 call works, if I look like a right person to chat 😎

How does it work

Before the call, you will have a survey to complete.

This survey contains questions about your value proposition, content matrix, and account visuals.

After submitting the survey, you can book a call with me via Calendly. You can easily pick the best time slot for you πŸ‘

We will have a 40-minute Zoom call to discuss your positioning and next steps. I will give you my honest feedback, and you can ask questions about growing on Twitter.

After the call, you will have some revisions to do. You can share your progress in the closed Discord group.

This exercise will get you from "I don't understand my positioning" to "I know exactly why people should follow me" πŸ”₯

Only 15 seats left for August. Get it with a 50% discount right now.

I want this!
Sharpen your positioning
Level up your content matrix
Upgrade your account visuals
Get 1000 followers in 50 days
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