MakerBox Workbook

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Crush your marketing goals without going crazy

You open Twitter and see hundreds of posts with revenue screenshots.

It seems like everyone is doing marketing. And they know a secret to doing it right 🥲

But there is no secret.

You just need to show up and choose the right marketing tasks. Every single week.

It's not easy. Pick the wrong task or implement it poorly, and you will lose time and money.

That's why we created MakerBox Workbook. A collection of 100 marketing tasks with step-by-step instructions.

For Indie Entrepreneurs by Indie Entrepreneurs ❤️

What you will get

Know exactly what to do in your next marketing week 🚀

⚡️ Notion library with 100 marketing tasks to grow faster

⚡️ Best practices for Strategy, User Acquisition, Conversion, Operations, and more

⚡️ Filtered and updated for Indie Entrepreneurs in 2022

⚡️ Free marketing resources to learn more about each task

⚡️ Hand-picked bundles of tasks for SaaS, Content Products, Agencies, etc.

Nail your marketing weeks. Grow as you deserve it.

How marketing audit works

If you are satisfied with your marketing, you don't need a marketing audit.

If there are unsolved problems, a marketing audit might be for you. This is how it works.

First, we holistically review your current marketing strategy. Then, we propose a personalized action plan to boost your marketing in 30 days 🔥

We focus on:

  • positioning
  • marketing funnel
  • personal brand
  • marketing operations

We start with a survey and a Zoom call that give us a deep understanding of your marketing problems. Then we create a step-by-step action plan in Notion for you.

It takes 10 business days from the completed survey to an action plan.

We want everyone to have an incredible experience with a marketing audit. That's why we can only take 10 startups in September.

Pick a second option if this sounds like the right solution.

If not, stick with the first one 😌

Need more time?

Check our website.

Follow us on Twitter: Dan and Sveta.

See you around ❤️

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Know exactly how to crush your next marketing week

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