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Marketing Week Challenge 2.0

13 ratings

Marketing Week Challenge 2.0

13 ratings

Boost your marketing in 7 days

You should enjoy marketing weeks as much as you love building the product 🫠

Does it sound like you?

  • you struggle to find the first paying customer
  • you've tried everything, but growth is inconsistent
  • you are procrastinating every marketing task

If yes, then we have work to do.

We will be your marketing co-pilots for the next week

Every day you will get an actionable marketing lesson. Apply theory to your product, complete exercises, and enjoy new Stripe notifications 😎

  • Day 1 β€” Positioning
  • Day 2 β€” Landing Page
  • Day 3 β€” Cold DMs
  • Day 4 β€” Audience Building
  • Day 5 β€” Content Marketing
  • Day 6 β€” Marketing Ideas
  • Day 7 β€” Tips & Next steps

BONUS: Join a closed Slack community of Makers who are going through this challenge right now.

Ready to love your marketing weeks again? 🀩

Made for busy Startup Founders

Learn marketing by doing marketing.

1. Get new lessons every day πŸ“¬

Every day you will get an email with the link to the lesson. Seven days β€” seven lessons.

2. Learn a new framework in 10 minutes πŸ“

Skim theory, real-world examples, and free materials to understand the basics.

3. Practice with your product πŸ› 

Apply new tactics to your startup with our step-by-step guide.

4. Discuss it in Slack πŸ“£

Share your results and ask questions in the closed Slack community of Makers.

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7 actionable lessons to boost your marketing

Landing page
Twitter DMs
Audience Buidling
Content Marketing
Marketing ideas


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