MakerBox Frameworks

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Level up your marketing. Stress-free

Marketing is often confusing and tiring.

Indie Makers don't have time for it. We need clarity 💡

That's why we've built MakerBox Framework. The ultimate list of marketing frameworks to grow your product faster.

What you will get

✅ Notion library of 50 battle-tested marketing frameworks

✅ Upgraded positioning and marketing funnel

✅ Systematic approach to growing your product

✅ Step-by-step guides to nail your marketing weeks

Learn in 10 minutes how to use a new framework and start growing 🚀

Supercharge your marketing game with MakerBox Frameworks.

How marketing audit works

If you are satisfied with your marketing, you don't need a marketing audit.

If there are unsolved problems, a marketing audit might be for you. This is how it works.

First, we holistically review your current marketing strategy. Then, we propose a personalized action plan to boost your marketing in 30 days 🔥

We focus on:

  • positioning
  • marketing funnel
  • personal brand
  • marketing operations

We start with a survey and a Zoom call that give us a deep understanding of your marketing problems. Then we create a step-by-step action plan in Notion for you.

It takes 10 business days from the completed survey to an action plan.

We want everyone to have an incredible experience with a marketing audit. That's why we can only take 10 startups. Only 3 seats left.

Pick a second option if this sounds like the right solution.

If not, stick with the first one 😌

Need more time?

Check our website.

Follow us on Twitter: Dan and Sveta.

See you around ❤️

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Build your audience
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