1:1 Consultation with Dan Kulkov

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Let's solve this challenge together

Building products is hard.

Building products alone is even harder.

❌ Tons of problems without obvious solutions

❌ No feedback on your ideas

❌ Not sure if you are focusing on the right thing

That's why I help Startup Founders to get unstuck with 1:1 consultations.

How can I help?

I focus on two stages: 0 -> 1 and going beyond ramen profitability.

✅ Positioning and marketing funnel for SaaS and content products

✅ Audience building on Twitter

✅ Launching on Product Hunt

✅ Growing multiple "Small bets" products

✅ Prioritizing the right tasks from your backlog

Got something else on your mind? Hit me up on Twitter.

Why can I trust you?

A few words about me (aka why should I listen to this guy)

  • I went from $0 to $32 000 with MakerBox in 6 months. Our products are loved by 500 Indie Entrepreneurs and the Product Hunt community (two of six launches got the #1 Product of the Day).
  • I have already roasted 150+ landing pages, performed 6 marketing audits, and coached 3 Startup Founders. I know the mistakes 90% of founders will make and how to help you stand out from the competition.
  • Previously, I was COO at an EdTech startup for 2 years. During this time, I increased our Monthly Revenue from $5000 to $85 000.

I know a thing or two about growing Indie products 😎

How does it work?

15-Minute Video Answer:

  • You describe your question in the survey
  • I record a ~15-minute video answer to it
  • I will send it to you within 24 hours

60-minute Google Meet Call:

  • You describe your question in the survey
  • You book a meeting with me with a Cal.com (scheduling tool)
  • We have a 60-minute meeting about your question

Easy peasy 🙌

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Get unstuck without breaking the bank

Solve complex problems
Get honest feeback
Brainstorm ideas
Prioritize ideas
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1:1 Consultation with Dan Kulkov

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